May 18th, 2005


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* Air Force seeks approval for space weapons program.
* A family deals with the aftermath of their son's suicide attempt.
* Tracking diseases to germs.
* Did diabetes originate in icy climes?
* Looking for the logic of the female orgasm. (Also, Iceman's rebuttal.)
* How the 'evolution debate' was manufactured.
* No one would have paid attention to the local schoolboard election - until the question of teaching evolution came up.
* Hello, tomorrow: "frozen zoos" stockpile animal DNA for later cloning.
* Chinese made early use of diamond - much earlier than previously though.

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How can I be so busy, so far behind on news, and still this overflowing with links?

* Right, that grenade that got thrown at the President last week? Totally armed and live.
* Groups sue FBI to release reports about monitoring political groups.
* Dick Meyer on the filibuster fight and political shenanigans.
* The quiet scandal: the memo that won't quit.
* E.J. Dionne Jr. applauds centrist courage on abortion.
* Harry Smith is sick and tired of Iraq.
* GAO finds government's Head Start preschool test flawed.
* Warren Beatty wants to make a new Dick Tracy movie. No, seriously.
* CBS announces fall schedule. Goodbye 60 Minutes II and Joan of Arcadia.
* presents: Orlando Bloon vs. Roombas.