May 11th, 2005


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So I was supposed to leave early for work this morning, as today was the first day of me doing the big morning report. Naturally, this means bebe had to wake up while I was trying to get ready for work. And, carrying her downstairs to get her some juice and hopefully coax her back to sleep, I fell down the last four steps on the stairs. The good news is, I didn't drop the bebe or land on her, and in fact remained mostly upright, so she oddly wasn't overly distressed. The bad news was me banging up my right arm, and my lower back, pretty hard on the edge of the stairs. So we sat on the floor for a couple minutes (which, again, she was oddly behaving for) and once I got her her juice I handed her off to her mother so I could finish getting ready. On the drive in, I could feel the bruises forming. Will update later if I am peeing blood.

Again, I note, nothing can be simple anymore.

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Impressive: Army to halt recruiting for a day, to retrain all recruiters, for instance on illegal activities to avoid committing on the job.

Political chaos in Canada! Bet it won't even make the evening news down here.

African tradition runs up against the fight against the spread of AIDS.

Ted Rall on media lies, Pat Tillman, and Jessica Lynch.

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Reconstructing the face of Tutankhamun.

How much do we not know about our planet?

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Today's flash game:
Deanimator: zombie-killing fun


Current record: 103.
UPDATED -> 7:40 pm EDT

* The key is, ignore the fucking shotgun.
* Also, shoot them as they're coming out of the ground whenever possible. Even the big ones drop like a sack of ham.
* Also, level 10 is remarkable poorly lit.