May 10th, 2005


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"The Bush presidency often is called conservative. That is a mistake. It is populist and radical, and its principal energies have roots in American history, and these roots are not conservative."
-John Derbyshire

DC area traffic is the third worst in the country. So, if you're not from LA or SanFran, you can shut the hell up. :}

Is this the twilight of conservatism?

Homeland Security considers changing its color system. Also, they consider made-for-TV movies. No, really.

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Fascinating: essay on Orwell, avoiding utopia, envisioning heaven, and unfun socialists. (Courtesy Iceman.)

Stray dog carries off baby, but in a good way. (Courtesy Ivy.)

Hollywood gets worried as revenues and attendance continues to drop.

Frank Ahrens, on the end of the Star Trek era. (Bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)

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