May 6th, 2005


gonna be a chatty day today, I fear.

Not that I'm into writing fanfic* or anything, but I got a great idea for a Star Wars story, in the Infinities** vein...

We'd open on the desolate planet of Tatooine, where a mysterious old man crosses the sand dunes. He's going to track down a young farm girl, and spirit her off planet before determined agents of the oppressive galactic government find her. The girl, Leia Lars, has great potential in the Force, a trait she inherited from her father, a mighty hero of a failed rebellion. The two hire a smuggler who used to be a bounty hunter, a Rodian named Greedo who took the spaceship off one of his successful bounties. And thus the adventure begins.

You see, when Palpatine's revolution to save the galaxy from the tyranny of the Jedi Council failed, Count Dooku knew the only hope for the future lay in the next generation. He spirited away Anakin's only daughter, hiding her the last place anyone would look for him: the planet of her father's origin. Now, the Republic, nothing more than a puppet of the all-seeing Council, must find her, for they know her destiny: to bring balance to the force by facing off against their greatest enforcer: the uncompromising Sky-Walker, son of the same famed Separatist hero.

Yeah, this is how my mind works.***

* - Despite winning a prize for it once, back in the day. I'm not proud.
** - Star Wars: Infinities is the brand used for alternate universe stories set in the Star Wars mythos (see also Marvel's 'What If?' and DC's 'Elseworlds.") The first one looked at what would happen if Luke's lucky shot that destroyed the first Death Star... didn't hit.
*** - Not quite geeky enough for you? Did I mention this all came about when I was trying to come up with an idea for a team for the Star Wars miniatures game?

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Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! Swing my your local comic book store to pick up great freebies.

And if you're looking for something to pick up while you're there, here's a list of some great graphic novels I would recommend to most anyone. No prior reading or knowledge necessary. Got suggestions of your own? Add them in! I'm always eager to hear more.

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A lesson from the founding fathers on the role of the judiciary.

* Walgreen's boycott, and as noted in the comments, give them a call to let them know you're boycotting them.
* Heartbreaking Holocaust remembrance with the March of the Living. (Courtesy JubJub.) Also, BBC gallery for Holocaust Remembrance Day.
* 39 senators voted against an amendment to provide armored Humvees to the troops. Here's who. Draw your own conclusions.
* GM and Ford get junk status. Bad news.
* Evolution is back on trial in Kansas.
* So, why is more sunglight reaching the earth's surface?
* Tsunami fears prompt Sri Lankan women to break taboos and learn to swim.
* MIT students organize the first (and only) time travelers convention.
* Ah, baseball: "The teams are tied for last place, Tampa Bay with its $29 million payroll and the Yankees with their bloated, $200 million tab."

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1.) If you're looking for some extra distraction online this weekend, let me recommend the NPR essay series This I Believe (courtesy Regent.)

2.) So the townhouse next to the one we're renting is going up for sale. I chatted with the real estate agent for a few minutes. Asking price? A mere $230k! Egads. Guess I'll be a renter, like, forever.

3.) One of my new comic finds has lead me to a new interest: American Revolutionary War episonage!

4.) Spike TV orders a pilot for a new Blade TV show.


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