May 4th, 2005


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Thrilling Two-Fisted Tales of Commuters Observed:

Finished reading my comic book this morning, and had put it away, so glancing around the Metro car. Sitting directly opposite me, a well-dressed young black man, gray suit, shirt sleeves unbuttoned (I noticed this because mine were as well, but we're a rare breed.) He had matching silver hoop earrings in either ear. Not big enough to be piratical, but shiny enough to be very noticeable on his dark skin. What caught my eye, however, was that he was writing on a lineless scrap of paper, slightly bigger than an index card. He had started writing... notes? prose? couldn't tell, it flowed together too neatly and small to be legible from across the aisle. So, he started writing in the upper righthand corner, but without lines, the column of text flowed in a neat curve from the upper right to the bottom left. I don't think it was intentional, it was too organic.

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"Every once in a short while, the media collectively decide that out of the thousands of missing persons cases, one is more important than the others. As annoying as this is, why is it that the one case invariably involves a white female?"

"Army officials knew within days of Pat Tillman's death that the former NFL player had been killed by fellow Rangers during a patrol in Afghanistan but did not inform his family and the public for weeks."

Dick Meyer on Pat Robertson's comments that activist judges are worse than al Qaeda. Again, seriously.

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Differing historical perspectives bring controversy to the new movie about the Crusades. Post writer looks behind the scenes to director Ridley Scott. Mmmm, Saladin.

Texas House passes "booty bill", to outlaw excessive rump-shaking on the playing field. I wish I was joking.

Mystery solved by Napoleon's pants!

Stephen Colbert to spin-off a new show from The Daily Show.

DCFUD rates, well, DC food. And more.