May 3rd, 2005


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"By historical standards, the economic recovery in the United States has been unfair. It has devoted too big a share of income growth to corporate profits, too little to workers. Indeed, in 2004, wages and salaries received the lowest share of total national income ever recorded, with the data going back to 1929, the year the Great Depression began."
-David R. Francis

New tactics evolve in the anti-evolution front.

The subculture inside MS-13.

Paul Mirengoff on arguments by metaphor.

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Wait, *another* Exorcist prequel?

Orson Scott Card on the demise of Star Trek.

anthology of (vague) interest

1.) I am remiss in that I forgot to mention from the weekend that Black Queen did me a great service over the weekend. She figured out how to reset the buttons on my radio. No, seriously, I had it figured out at least twice before, but then forgot, and I mentioned this in the car when I was scanning stations, and rather than trying some crazy button combo like I was doing (I blame a misspent youth of Mortal Kombat) she, uh, just held the button down. No, really. So, while I will now have fewer crazy finds while flipping stations, I won't have to spend so much time flipping stations, and that's a good thing. I formally owe her one.

2.) Gave Jersey Girl a shot last night. Stopped paying attention about a half hour in. God, it was awful, if I didn't know it was a Kevin Smith movie I never would believe it. Just, painfully, dull and predictable, with little to no charm. So instead I logged into City of Heroes, which leads us to:

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4.) Courtesy "Doctor Strange will be the fourth direct-to-DVD animated movie in Marvel's deal with Lion's Gate films, following two Avengers films and Iron Man."

They've got my attention. I think if they worked out a deal with, oh, Cartoon Network or HBO or someone similar to get the movies aired once, it'll help get the word out. But maybe that's just me.