April 28th, 2005


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Thrilling Two-Fisted Tales of Commuters Observed:

If you haven't had the joy of rushing from train to train at L'Enfant in rush hour, let me just note it's a crowded treat. I always want to make L'Calcutta jokes. So, today, rushing through there myself, an elderly black lady drops a twenty dollar bill walking in the other direction. I'm halfway through yelling to get her attention when someone else has picked up the money to give back to her and someone else has gotten her attention. Hooray for good samaritans renewing my faith in my fellow urban travelers.

And while I'm here, happy birthday Bonnie!

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Analysis: DeLay likely to be found culpable of further ethics violations. Howard Kurtz discusses the Democrats' victory. And, it turns out, all the Republicans on the ethics committee have either received donations from DeLay, or donated money to his defense fund.

David S. Broder on Bush's overreaching second term.

I heard it on NPR: E.J. Dionne Jr and David Brooks talk about the judicial nominee/filibuster issue.

Poll finds most believe journalists biased but trustworthy.

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Nationwide, rock music radio stations are disappearing.

Today's headline: Pants Left Behind Yielded Pivotal Link

Marketing essay on character blogs to further exploit a brand.

Ted Rall presents a few liberal and conservative solutions.

The Comics Curmudgeon with some cut-and-paste Garfield.