April 26th, 2005


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Must read:
"But something important has happened since President Bush's inauguration. America's moderates may not be screaming, but they're in revolt. Many who reluctantly supported the president and the Republicans in 2004 are turning away."
-E.J. Dionne Jr.

This poll gives me hope for our country. (See article from yesterday here.)

"The Republican campaign to breach the wall between church and state is having a corrosive effect on policymaking and the lives of Americans."
-NYTimes.com editorial

"These are scary times. The nation is in the control of extremists who want to merge church and state."
-Katrina vanden Heuvel

"Mr. Bush and his party talk only to their base - corporate interests and the religious right - and are oblivious to everyone else's concerns."
-Paul Krugman

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Trek's end.

The future of Star Wars on television.