April 25th, 2005


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* Poll data shows regular Americans oppose ending the judicial filibuster.
* "[The Democratic party's] two notions of where morality belongs in politics have roots in the 60's. Unfortunately, they contradict each other."
* Wait, what do you mean Iraq doesn't have a government yet?
* "About the worst thing that can happen to a president is for people to stop paying attention." -Dan Froomkin
* "Drudge... is now treated more as an amusing diversion than a threat to journalistic integrity." -Howard Kurtz
* Despite doomsaying, Democrats present a united front.
* New York rushes to build a third water tunnel.
* Conservative southern Democrats are an endangered species.
* Uh, Mr. Dean? I don't think you're being too constructive there. And Mr. Frist? You've got a funny definition of civility.
* Teenage heroine Nancy Drew turns 75.