April 23rd, 2005


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Thrilling Two-Fisted Tales of Commuters Observed:

Well, not really, but a commuting-related story. Walking from work to the Virginia Square Metro station yesterday, I was walking across the median in the middle of Fairfax Drive. It was gray, cold, and drizzly out. And in the middle of the wet grass of the median, was a lone Uno card. (Specifically, a blue four.) Very surreal.

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"Emboldened by their appropriation of the flag, ideologues on the right have now set their sights on religion, and specifically Christianity, as the means to promote their political agenda. And as the promoters of tomorrow's Justice Sunday national telecast have demonstrated, there is no depth to which they won't sink in their campaign to seize the country."
-must-read article by Colbert I. King

"Right-wing religious zealots, working in partnership with the secularists who have advised President Bush, are a threat to the most fundamental of American principles. The founders of our nation welcomed and planned for spirited debate over public policies, including the role of the judiciary. But as sons of the Enlightenment, they looked to found a republic in which the outcome of those debates would turn on reason and evidence, not on disputed religious dogma. They planned wisely for principles that are now under wide assault."
-Paul Gaston

NYTimes editorial praises Connecticut's debate over gay rights. Also, Robert Scheer on the Finkelstein Phenomenon.

The Denver Three are starting to garner more media attention.

"Citing irreconcilable differences with how the Federal Bureau of Investigation has operated in a post-Sept. 11 world, city officials in Portland, Ore., said yesterday that they planned to pull their police officers out of an F.B.I.-run antiterrorism task force."

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Ted Rall on ordinary people following the Minutemen's example.

"Which came first, a person so bad we had to invent the inimical devices to restrain him, or an object so repellent we had to invent a person inhuman enough to fill it out?"

"Somehow, though, that doesn't seem to make it easier to accept that Cookie Monster is now tossing salads on the Sesame Workshop Web site."