April 19th, 2005


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The Unregulated Offensive by Jeffrey Rosen
"Imagine that the interpretation of the Constitution was frozen in 1937. Imagine a country in which Social Security, job-safety laws and environmental protections were unconstitutional. Imagine judges longing for that. Imagine one of them as the next Supreme Court nominee."

"When we talk religion and government, neither should become an instrument for the other. And I see drifting here in different directions that are, I don't think, healthy for our country."
-Senator Chuck Hagel

"For the third time in nine months, the Bush administration has redrafted its project to rebuild Iraq, forcing planners to cancel more of the water, sewage and power plants that were part of the grand American design to transform the shattered country."

Interesting essay on the Church, women, and modernity.

NYTimes editorial on Senator Bill Frist's religious war.

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