April 7th, 2005


rambling and overly occupied

Busy day, preparing for the big Long Island Dorkfest, leaving for tomorrow.

New cellphone arrived yesterday! It's pretty. Now I just got to figure it out, and get my phone number actually transferred over. Yet another thing to do on the list of twenty million things I have to do tonight.

Incidentally, if you're not getting enough of my posts, I'm gonna be posting up the occasional food-related article at dcfud, thanks to Wallaby, and thanks to JubJub and her scanner of scannerness, I'm gonna be tossing some amusing comic book scans on scans_daily, such as this Cobra panel and even better, this Fantastic Four bit.

Still need more icons. Forgot to update Quote-O-Rama this week, whoops. Busy busy. More later.

(no subject)

* Howard Kurtz on, well, a lot of stuff. Including media saturation about the Pope.
* Dan Froomkin notes that Congress is starting to remember its role in oversight, plus other stuff.
* The US's legacy in the new Iraqi economy.
* Peabody awards announced; Jon Stewart, Deadwood, and CBS News all take home wins.
* Eek. Congress looks to expand daylight savings time.
* Wanted: a few good Vikings (courtesy Baroness.) Also wanted: urchins (courtesy Ivy.)

Also, in other local news, I gave House of Peking Choice another chance tonight, and man, so glad I did. Best damn egg foo young in a long time, people.

Leaving for the trip early tomorrow morning, so no news posts until Monday or Tuesday. As I know you will miss them terribly, the shortcut to my regular links are here. Knock yourself out, kids.