April 2nd, 2005


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In response to 106.5's "All 80's weekend" format change, Mix 107.3 underwent a change of their own recently. They now play... all kinds of stuff. No, really. This morning I heard Glen Frye, the Wallflowers, Night Ranger, Nelly Furtado, and some old REM. All within twenty minutes of each other. Sure, it's still mostly just top 40 stuff, but it's mostly top forty stuff from the past few decades, mashed together with little or no rhyme or reason. It's definitely a step in the right direction.

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REMEMBER: Daylight savings time starts tonight.

Illinois governor issues emergency rule to disallow pharmacies to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions.

Analysis: after John Paul II, an era of resolute leadership leads to an uncertain future.

Pentagon changes how it spends its research dollars.

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"Middle school often is referred to as a critical but dicey period, the bridge between elementary and high school when hormones and emotions collide with algebra and social studies."

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OK, no way around it. I simply need to win the lottery and buy a huge mansion so all my friends can move in with me, rent-free. It's the only logical answer. Hey, that would also free up more time for gaming! Best of both worlds.

That or the commune idea, for you old-timers out there.


So they moved one of the other groups in our organization into the same room with us this past week. A little more crowded, but not a dramatic change. However, the difference is quite noticeable on weekend. More people in the office on weekends is bad when they're feeling chatty. I like my Saturdays quiet and not seeing another soul for hours on end, not making small talk with someone I should be polite to because they're a co-worker.

New icons, half-done. The above icon, I assure you, is really funny if you're a comic book geek.

Tonight: Sin City.
Tomorrow: family dinner.