March 18th, 2005


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With all our money going to the Middle East, funding for other foreign policy is slipping.

OK, this Terry Schiavo crap is starting to piss me off.

Ted Rall: America takes a stand.

More bad news for the Washington Examiner.

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Maybe we should find a different way to deal with global warming.

DC in Legos (courtesy missmeridian.)

"Wolfowitz to the World Bank? Does that mean we will invade poor countries pre-emptively, BEFORE they can default on their loans?"
-Joel Achenbach

three easy pieces

"We're at war in Iraq, at war in Afghanistan, threatened by Al Qaeda, mired in budget deficits, faced with gargantuan liabilities in Social Security and Medicare, struggling to sustain the fighting capacity of our military forces - and what does this committee think warrants its urgent attention? Whether a handful of overpaid entertainers are taking forbidden pills to improve their performance."
-Steve Chapman (courtesy Howard Kurtz.)

"What should the press corps do the next time the White House calls a background briefing and demands that no one identify the briefer by name?"
-Dan Froomkin
(also featured: actual details on the President's Plan on social security, and more.)

"Many bloggers point to the gender disparity among the nation's top political bloggers to illustrate the point that even where there are no barriers to entry - no consciously or unconsciously prejudiced gatekeepers barring the doors - women may simply choose to stay away from certain types of media. And just as women may not be producing opinion journalism at the same rates as men, they may not be consuming it all that much either. In short, there may be an interesting market problem at work here: I know an awful lot of smart, accomplished women who avoid both the op-ed pages and the Crossfire-style 'screaming shows' because that is simply not the type of discourse they seek out or value."
-Dahlia Lithwick (also courtesy Howard Kurtz.)