March 16th, 2005



So, finally watched Super Size Me last night. Hence why I will be eating healthy for at least a month. It has some flaws as a movie, a couple pacing issues, etc. But as a documentary, man, it's vivid. I felt fat and ill just watching it.

And The Shield now has Anthony Anderson as a recurring character? A recurring bad guy character? Score!

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"One in three American workers are chronically overworked, with job-related stress varying significantly by age, employment situation, and demands at home, according to a new survey."

* At least 26 inmate deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan may be homicides.
* Homeland Security report lists possible terrorist attacks and estimates tolls (plus bonus graphic of awfulness.)
* The morality plays of Congress, revealing truths about our nation.
* This is what C-SPAN calls balance? (Courtesy Iceman.)
* Finding the reality behind reality TV.
* The NYTimes looks inside the Harley Race Wrestling Academy.

[EDIT: more articles added in comments, 10:54 am. -PMMJ]