March 8th, 2005


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"Why do we need the administration to be nice to us, or to somehow validate our existence? Journalists need to do their jobs regardless of the roadblocks and land mines placed by the White House. And the real reporting doesn't take place in the briefing room, regardless of who's accredited, or in the televised news conferences, which have become theater. It takes place behind the scenes, where journalists cultivate sources not just in the administration but on the Hill and among interest groups, to break news the White House doesn't want broken. (Watergate, you may recall, was not broken by White House beat reporters.) And it takes place when reporters have the courage to say that what the president said yesterday is at odds with reality or with his own record."
-An excellent entry by Howard Kurtz,

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"...When it comes to their loyal clients, hairstylists and their fellow cosmetologists often know secrets far deeper than those. That is why the state of Maryland is enlisting them in a new role: first responders in the struggle against domestic abuse."

Why is Halliburton still operating in Iran?

Today's "Well, duh" headline: War Is Hurting Army Recruitment

House Democrats allege GOP abuses of power.

Richard Cohen on zealotry and the Supreme Court.

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A-bomb scientist and Nobel Prize winner Hans Bethe passed away.