March 3rd, 2005


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BBC report: 'How the Christian Right is attempting to transform US culture.'

CIA detention practices remain largely secret
'Afghan prisoner's death took two years to become public, illustrating agency's lack of scrutiny on detainee treatment and allegations of abuse.'

* DeLay struggles with issues on the Hill and eroding support at home.
* Greenspan says huge federal budget deficits are "unsustainable."
* Poll shows Bush lacks public support for social security change. CBS goes over the numbers.
* Ted Rall discusses eminent domain and forced gentrification.
* Maureen Dowd: "Women have become so fixated on not withering, they've forgotten that there are infinite ways to be beautiful."

Great read: Frank Rich on what's wrong with our media culture. "Today's White House press corps is less likely to be invaded by maverick talents like a drug-addled reporter than by a paid propagandist like Jeff Gannon."