February 28th, 2005


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* Tom Shales on how Chris Rock didn't rock the Oscars.
* LiveOnline transcript with Desson Thomson.
* We can forget to discuss how wrong I was with my Oscar predictions.
* Hee. Fametracker.com presents the Rasco P. Soultrain awards.
* Also, the Oscar speeches they'd like to hear.

"You know how people talk about how Hollywood today seems to lack glamour? They can't quite define why -- but somehow the whole movie industry just doesn't seem as magic as it once was? Some say it was dreamlike quality of the black and white film, while others blame the tabloid culture for tearing down our idols. Still others say it's just our own tendency toward nostalgia. But the fact is, it's because Audrey Hepburn would never have waved off the orchestra so she could tack on a big shout-out to her publicist at the end of an Oscar speech. Nope. Wouldn't have happened."