February 24th, 2005


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"Some Europeans are clearly suspicious that Bush is already gearing up to attack Iran. And when Bush passionately denied that yesterday -- but then immediately said he couldn't rule anything out, either -- the audience at the European Union's headquarters literally laughed out loud."
-Dan Froomkin, WashingtonPost.com (Bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)

Good read: Ted Rall on bloggers, asking who's watching the watchdogs?

* 'At the National Security Council's request, the White House excised a full chapter on Iraq's economy from last week's Economic Report of the President.'
* 'The Pentagon is promoting a global counterterrorism plan that would allow Special Operations forces to enter a foreign country to conduct military operations without explicit concurrence from the U.S. ambassador there.'
* Jim Hoagland praises gains made by Iraqi women.
* Supreme Court rules against racial segregation in prison.
* Arlen Specter isn't backing down.
* NYTimes consumer report on heartburn relief.
* In Russia, a pop-culture revival for the KGB.

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Feeling slightly better. This might be because I've been awake a total of one hour so far today (and if you know how little I usually sleep, you know this is very, very weird.) Still have a handful of things to get done, as I'm laboring under the assumption that I will be all healthy tomorrow and will be able to go on my trip. Of course, I haven't technically eaten anything but a few saltines and a little applesauce in the past twenty-four hours. But hey! If I keep that up a couple more days, instant weight-loss program!

[EDIT: OK, managed to eat real food a few hours ago, and haven't felt significantly ill for a few hours now. Fingers crossed. (6:07 pm)]