February 15th, 2005


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"A former White House official said yesterday that President Bush has failed to deliver on his promise to help religious groups serve the poor, the homeless and drug addicts because the administration lacks a genuine commitment to its 'compassionate conservative' agenda."

Sun's lawsuit against Ehrlich dismissed.

Missile defense test fails yet again.

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E. J. Dionne Jr. on the social commentary of Arthur Miller.

Rock on. Possible evidence of the founding of Rome.

A New York Times article on... Warhammer.

zhe dang

So, remember how there was this theory I'd be moving back to Monday through Friday? Turns out that isn't happening. So, I get to keep Saturdays for the foreseeable future. Feh. Still haven't made it to a single Heroclix tourney since the schedule change, which makes me sad.

Saturday, hit Joe's Noodle House in Rockville, based on a credible recommendation. Good stuff, and affordable. The pad thai was pretty awesome.

Afterwards, Flanagan's for a basketball game. Well, not really, it was for Rory's birthday. But I ended up watching a lot of the game (since we were sitting next to the TV, essentially.) And once again, confirmed one of my theories: even if it's a sport you don't watch, it's fun watching it with people who are really into it. And Maryland won, so we didn't have to riot. I'll miss Flanagan's when it's gone, even if I don't get to go there often anymore.

This weekend: Constantine. No, really.

[UPDATE #1: I hereby report diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper's tastes every bit as bad as diet Dr. Pepper's.]

[UPDATE #2: Let me also mention something from Justice League this weekend. I'm always impressed when I watch any of the cartoons that deal with the New Gods just how *weird* the whole New Gods thing is. And man, how confusing it must be to someone who's never heard of it before the show. Hell, I'm a comic book dork, and it's still confusing to *me.*] [And Michael Dorn is such a bad choice for Kalibak.]