February 12th, 2005


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"Been in a rush all morning, but just heard that Charles and Camilla are getting hitched and the North Koreans have revealed that they have nuclear weapons. Frankly I think that's a huge over-reaction on the part of the North Koreans. I don't like the Chuck-Camilla thing either, but going nuclear is simply overkill."
-Joel Achenbach

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'President Bush's budget plan calls for elimination or drastic reduction 68 federal programs that he has never targeted before, including vocational-education grants, emergency medical services for children and assistance to local law enforcement agencies, according to a list the White House released yesterday.'

How the administration's stance on the ICC is affecting the Darfur tragedy.

Broadcasters and unions looking at how to fight the indecency fight.

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BBC gallery of the World Press Photo Award winners for 2004.

Unearthing the sets to The Ten Commandments.

NYTimes has an entire section dedicated to Arthur Miller.
Also, a Post appreciation.

a must read for comic book fans

Joe Quesada: I liked your [run on Green Arrow.]
Kevin Smith: Me too. First time I cared about the character.
Quesada: I think you did a better job on that than on [Daredevil.] Only because you got the craft down.
Smith: C'mon - a guy with bows and arrows? How could you not care about him?
Quesada: I like that he dresses in green. And adds that to his moniker.
Smith: I went from red to green. If I could write for Professor Zoom, I will have conquered the stop light.
Quesada: Man, that's even too deep for me.
Smith: I've gotta chat with Geoff Johns to make references like that.

-Newsarama interview between Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada. Over instant messenger. Highly quotable.
(Bonus points: the phrase "knee deep in coke and whores.")