February 10th, 2005


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Dan Froomkin: "Karl Rove is now, officially, in charge of pretty much everything at the White House." (Bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)

Great read: Dick Meyer on bias and the media.

Hee hee hee, online "reporter" quits after his background is exposed.

The new grass-roots philanthropy of 'giving circles.'

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Sweeps week? Time for a lesbian kiss.

Gallery: "Photographer Hiroji Kubota spent four years travelling the length and breadth of his native Japan after living overseas for 35 years."

Experts discuss the diagnosis of 'evil.'

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"Surely there must be some logic that explains why self-professed conservatives will stop at nothing to protect our rights regarding guns, cars and property, but think nothing of poking into our bedrooms and examining our undergarments."
-Marc Fisher, WashingtonPost.com (Courtesy missmeridian.)

And then

Dan Froomkin has complete background and coverage of the Jeff Gannon scandal.

Another great read by Frank Rich, this one on the absurdity of the conservative partisans attacking... Clint Eastwood.

Jefferson Morley covers European reaction to Rice's tour.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican populist, practices what Leon Trotsky preached - permanent revolution. He is in perpetual campaign mode, wielding his celebrity and theatricality to keep the legislature nervous about being bypassed by lawmaking-by-referendum, a constitutional weapon that is a Hiram Johnson legacy."