February 7th, 2005


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"In presenting its plan to let working Americans divert part of their payroll taxes into private retirement accounts, the Bush administration now says the proposal will do nothing to solve Social Security's financial problems."

Awesome report by Brooke Allen on our godless Constitution.

Joe Biden on the reality of training the Iraqis.

A sharp debate on the future of environmentalism.

Thomas Friedman on why we should lower the reward offered for Bin Laden.

The FCC, the PTC crusade, and why cable is cashing in on the so-called cultural battle.

* NYTimes analysis shows there's not much hope for Bush to trim the deficit.
* Post analysis says the deficit worries threaten the whole agenda.
* Bush's new budget cuts many domestic programs.
* And it may double the price veterans pay for prescriptions. Wonder why that wasn't mentioned during the campaign?

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"A friend of mine e-mailed me Friday to see if I wanted to go to the Folger Theater production of Romeo and Juliet. I e-mailed him back, fretting: Doesn't that play promote suicide?"
-Maureen Dowd

Ernst Mayr, legendary evolutionary biologist, passed away.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.
Bonus: Britain's ten best-kept state secrets revealed.

weekend and more

Hit Callico's always-fun Super Bowl party yesterday. With bebe in tow, so we didn't get to stay terribly late. But wish we had! Ate my share of deviled eggs, too. Also, taught bebe the cruel truth about being an offensive lineman (every time she tried ot run past me, I would tackle her. This was very funny for her the first 29 times in a row. The 30th time, however, one of her jagged razor-sharp fingernails got snagged, so the rough-housing game ended with much crying.) (So I guess she'll be a quarterback. ZING.)

On the drive home, I had the worst stomach pains I've felt in a long time. Still not sure why. Will probably just chalk it up to too much snacking, spicy food and a couple beers to wash it all down.

Sideways was, in fact, pretty damn entertaining. And I think I may like it even more over time. Possibly the best movie with a guy from Wings ever! (And who knew THC could actually act? So odd.)

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Tonight, the book club.

Finally, a meme:
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"Taking money from the government without disclosing it is dumb, but too many pundits these days shill for free. The world of opinion now resembles a choose-up-sides playground, with the players rarely straying from their assigned spots. The only real motion is when they jump back and forth between politics and journalism, or demonstrate agility by keeping a foot in both camps."
-Howard Kurtz