February 2nd, 2005


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Man, so busy reading this awesome Flash website that I almost forgot to do...

* Must read: a glimpse inside the Orwellian state of Guantanamo.
* Lloyd Garver on intolerance as a family value.
* News analysis: aging populations worldwide present new challenges.
* The world will be looking for foreign policy clues in Bush's speech.
* Agendas and pressures come to cross purposes at the desk of Frist.
* On his way out the door, Ashcroft defends his policies.
* Africans will be worst hit by global warming, according to study.
* New website/exhibit sheds new light on African migrations.
* Students fuel Kit Kat craze in Japan.
* Brando repeatedly turned down Godfather role, before giving in.
* Video games attracting more movie stars and directors.
* WETA radio considers switching from half-talk and half classical to all talk.
* It's official: weather-predicting marmot says more winter.

For Some Girls, the Problem With Math Is That They're Good at It
An essay by the first woman science editor of The New York Times. (Courtesy missmeridian.)