February 1st, 2005


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Our thinking was logical. We could go see a supposedly good movie, but then it could turn out to suck, and that would be disappointing. Or we could see a movie we *knew* was bad, and hey, there's nothing lost either way with that one.

This is how Operative X and I ended up at Elektra.

Man, even a heapin' helping of ninja couldn't save this movie.

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* WTF. UN rules that Darfur isn't genocide, but does count for war crimes.
* Ooh. New York uses anti-terror law to fight gangs.
* Judge rules Guantanamo military reviews illegal.
* Sobering results from DC homicide study.
* Some ideas on how Bush could fight tyranny.
* Sebastian Mallaby on marketing Darfur.
* William Raspberry on the poor being cut out.
* New local tabloid takes aim at the suburbs.
* The legal fine print on the PR spending scandal.
* Will Frace revise its 35 hour work week?
* Decoding why few girls choose science and math.
* BBC writer who chronicled his fight against cancer passes away.
* Crazy Radio gives mental hospital patients a voice.


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