January 26th, 2005


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Howard Kurtz, on the amusing display of the White House trying to spin the inaugural address. Plus, Safire's retirement, another Carson tribute and more.

Dan Froomkin wonders if Bush should talk about torture, secret White House reports, and more.

Oops! Another pro-Bush conservative writer turns out to be on the White House payroll.

Why it's OK that Bush isn't a geologist.

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Hugh Hewitt thinks blogs are the future of news.

Will the HFStival live on?

Tired of the Oscars already? You may not be alone.

TheOnionAvClub.com interview with Seth McFarlane.

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So. Driving home tonight from a lovely evening, I'm flipping radio channels, and land on 94.7. I immediately recognize the lilting tones of the DJ Weasel, and he's just introducing... the fifteen minute long version of "Freebird." And lo, it was awesome. In the biblical sense of the word.

[UPDATE: OTD, back up, etc.]