January 23rd, 2005



Computer = returned, thanks to Magistrate.

GOOD NEWS: I have a computer again!

BAD NEWS: It's a brand-new hard drive. The old one wasn't even spinning anymore, so nothing was recovered. This isn't that bad, for the most part, as anything really important turned up on one of my web pages or internet files. However, *all* my MP3s are gone, so I may be asking for some help in tracking down the hard to find ones later. What program are the kids using these days anyways? Also, my pictures are gone, but, yeah, nothing can be done.

Oh, and what's the other good anti-spyware program to download, other than AdAware? I used to have a bookmark, but, yeah.

Tonight, thusly, will be 'reinstall programs' night. Putty and Firefox were first, and boy howdy, I've got a list.

[UPDATE: Goddamn drivers. Why can't they make this all easy? I just want to use my computer, not have it be a freakin' hobby.]