January 16th, 2005


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Man. Today would have been a sucky day at work even without Total LiveJournal Withdrawl. For real.

So I just read a *lot* of news. Expect a flood tomorrow.

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Friday's bebe birthday party was pretty decent. Instead of the surprise 20+ people showing up, it was just us and the family and the delightful Nimue (who I think greatly for helping me cope with the family invasion.) Presents were shredded. Bebe definitely likes the unwrapping part of things. Cake was had, though bebe was more interested in blowing out the candle (repeatedly) than actually eating said cake. After the soiree, Goblin and Decore came by, hung out, etc. Fine evening. I will have to try keeping the place clean so I can trick (non-allergic) people into coming by more often.

Work was, as aforementioned, pretty lame yesterday. They were rearranging the server room, so instead of my nice quiet Saturday, I had people coming in and out constantly, chatting with me about things, asking dumb questions, etc. Mind you, I wasn't involved in the tough work, so it wasn't that bad. But, yeah, no LJ to get me through. Feh.

Last night, Goblin and Decore came by again! Woo. Some lame football was watched, and some cartoons were watched (Titans East!) Thereafter, we played Pirates of the Spanish Main, which was OK. Not great, but decent. I won't be building fleets, but I won't mind when Goblin puts something together for us.

Today, more bebe, as RQ has to go to work for a bit.

Soon, *many* news links. Oh, how I have news links for you all.

Tonight, Shadowrun.

This week, chock full of bebe. (Day Care Lady has off this week, for a family vacation, so it'll be bebetastic.)

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"President Bush said the public's decision to reelect him was a ratification of his approach toward Iraq and that there was no reason to hold any administration officials accountable for mistakes or misjudgments in prewar planning or managing the violent aftermath."
(complete interview transcript.)

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Great read: David Von Drehle journeys deep into the heart of 'Red America' to profile average voters and find out why Bush won.

* Zounds! The UK has pledged to pay 10% of the developing world's foreign debt bill in an attempt to fight poverty. The US, on the other hand, lags in developmental aid internationally.
* Human Rights Watch upset about the world ignoring the Darfur tragedy.
* Oh, and Venezuela is deteriorating rapidly, but no one is saying anything about that either.
* Iranian Nobel peace laureate Ebadi said she won't obey a summons to the Revolutionary Court.
* Eleanor Holmes Norton has a behind-the-scenes opinion on the Gonzales/Guantanamo issue.
* I am ecstatic we are getting actual images from Titan. Flowing liquids! Weather! (Bonus BBC picture gallery.)