January 7th, 2005


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"Legal work that wouldn't cut it in any law firm in the country - and those types of memos wouldn't - shouldn't be a stepping stone to the post of White House counsel, let alone to the post of US Attorney General. If a first year associate wrote memos as sloppy as Gonzales did, that lawyer's career advancement would be threatened."
-Andrew Cohen, CBSNews.com

* Army general worries that the Army Reserve is "degenerating into a 'broken' force."
* Wow. Schwarzenegger has a bold new plan for handling redistricting in California.
* The Jarawa tribe survived the tsunami, after all.
* Frank Rich shows how pop culture is ahead of the news media in its coverage of the future for the war on terror.
* Tucker Carlson heads to MSNBC.
* Lloyd Garver wonders why we still like pictures of our candidates hunting?
* The new weapon against unwanted advertising: TV-B-Gone.

Proper news update tomorrow or so. Still recovering from my awesome night at Nation.