January 3rd, 2005


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"We're not calling it an inauguration. Because the president's supporters believe he has a mandate, there's going to be, in effect, a coronation."
-Jack Nargil, head concierge

Long term plans for terrorism suspects taking shape.

A new California law gives gay couples who register as domestic partners nearly the same responsibilities and benefits as married spouses.

Bush urged to actually outline his policies.

Good read: the Democrats are entangled with questions on why they lost in November, and where they should go from here.

Two issues set to deeply divide the Congress this term.

* NYTimes editorial on the army we need.
* More sleaze tracked to DeLay's office.
* Adnan Pachachi explains why we should delay the Iraqi elections.
* Republicans raising money to wage the expensive, political battle over Social Security.
* Wealthy citizens in India organize for direct delivery of relief supplies.
* SNL: the all too ready for prime time players.
* This just in: Joe Gibbs isn't the savior and messiah. Haw haw!

Sweet mother of pearl: 100 things we didn't know this time last year.