January 1st, 2005


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Happy belated birthday to Goblin! Since I was a dork and forgot to say it yesterday.
Also, happy today birthday to BadHand!

"Most animals do not make resolutions, as far as we know. The dog isn't planning to do less dinner-table begging this year, nor is the cat going to try to take fewer catnaps."
-NYTimes editorial

Must read analysis: lowering the bar for government ethics? Watchdog groups are not happy.

Tsunami aftermath: 100 miles crossed, and not a single living soul seen.

Administration releases a new memo, redefining their opinion on torture. And then, coincidentally, the Justice Dept. notes it has widened its definition of torture.

Arkansas judge shoots down anti-gay statewide adoption rule. And Montana must extend public university's insurance coverage to gay domestic partners. Colbert King on the upcoming battle to ban gay marriage in DC.

Iraq 2004: what went wrong.

So. Do we have a cohesive policy on Iran?

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A photojournalist presents pictures of hope in Chechnya.

The 2005 box office banks on sequels.

What's in and what's out for 2005.

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And now, the moment you've all been waiting for.

The beginning of this year, after previous frustration trying to remember all the movies I saw in years past, I vowed to keep a list of everything I saw in theaters this year. So, as I kept the list, I just started putting the ones I liked better on the top, and worse ones at the bottom. Thusly, I now have a complete catalog of every movie I watched this year, from best to worst. Discussion below, comments encouraged.

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