December 28th, 2004


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OK, once again, it's Icon Time!

I'll be switching out a bunch of my icons at the end of the week, so I need suggestions from you my adoring public. Toss in pics, links to pics, icons themselves, what have you. Google image search is your friend. Anything you think would make a keen icon for moi. (I can do the actual icon construction, so don't worry about the details.)

From the New York Times

The Paths They Took: Five Gambles, Five Altered Lives
Mr. Neiley was the first of five people whose lives, abruptly transformed by illness, were described in The New York Times this year in the series "Last Resorts." The patients had one element in common: they, or their parents in the case of two infants, pinned their hopes on experimental or unproven treatments because standard treatments either did not work or did not exist, or because doctors were genuinely unsure of the best way to help them.