December 13th, 2004


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Two articles I posted up over the weekend that are too good to be missed.

"Senior Arab officials attending a U.S.-sponsored conference in the Middle East rejected the Bush administration's assertion that greater democracy would help end terrorism, arguing that the administration's strong support of Israel made it difficult to undertake political reforms or halt extremists driven by hatred of U.S. policies."

And Nicholas Kristof tries to drum up more troops for the coalition of the willing.

Oh, and, of course, for your Monday enjoyment:

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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What I meant to say was...

After RQ's dad left this morning, I meant to get a couple things done around the house, post some news, etc.

But I said, lemme log into City of Heroes for a few minutes to relax.

Yea-ah. Long story short, that's what I did today. Played City of Heroes.

(To my credit, RQ has my car while they are replacing the tire on hers, so I was car-less. But still.)

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