December 11th, 2004


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* 60 Minutes interviews several of the estimated 5,500 servicemen who have deserted since the war in Iraq began, many of whom have fled to Canada.
* How Mosul slid from an example of American-Iraqi coordination into yet another city overrun by insurgents.
* New details emerge about the charges brought against the Guantanamo detainees.
* OPEC to cut oil production. Welcome back, higher prices.
* Kerik withdraws his name. New land speed record!
* The difficulty of reporting the news in Afghanistan.
* Congress debates necessity of next-generation spy satellites.

* Tool use by monkeys confirmed.
* 'Snakes in Australia have evolved to counter the threat of invasive, poisonous cane toads.'
* Will global warming affect the coming of the next ice age.

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Last night, hit the Better Than Ezra concert. RQ's idea, but they put on a good show, and I even recognized a few songs. Plus, they do a mean cover of "Feliz Navidad," not to mention "Don't Fear the Reaper" complete with some guy in a wrestling mask with a cowbell. Oh, and audience paricipation with a guy named "Pokey."

The opening band, Ingram Hill, was pretty darn good too. I picked up their CD, decent stuff.

On the other hand, I just got a call from RQ, and her car broke on her way to my sister's this morning. Like, not working broke. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm cursed. One major hassle after another.

Also, more people need to post to LJ early on Saturdays, this joint is dead.