December 7th, 2004


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So, caught Kinsey on Sunday night at the Landmark. Pretty good, enjoyable movie. Yes, it falls into the archetype of 'misunderstood genius struggling against society.' However, it's saved from just that by good performances an a stellar supporting cast (some woefully underused.) I'd love to see nominations for both Laura Linney and John Lithgow. And oh, the theme of science vs. the religious right sure does ring true these days too.

* Bad Education - Well, it's Pedro "NC-17" Almodovar and altar boys, so you kind of know what you're getting into. Will wait for reviews.
* The Assassination of Richard Nixon - Mmmmaybe. I'm no Sean Penn fan, But I *am* a Don Cheadle fan.
* Hotel Rwanda - Always hard to psyche myself up for a movie about a real-life tragedy, but the trailer looked pretty good.
* Beyond the Sea - Kevin Spacey as Bobby Darin, and he does his own singing. That gets me to the table.
* A Very Long Engagement - Not 'Amelie 2,' sadly. But I'm a fan of both Jeunet and WW1, so I'm there.

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* Tom Fenton explains why the decline of the dollar should matter to everyone.
* Paul Krugman debunks the hype about the Social Security crisis.
* CIA reports warn Iraq situation is deteriorating and won't be fixed anytime soon.
* How the Plame leak investigation is just what the press asked for.
* "About 40 states are dealing with some sort of challenge this year to the teaching of evolution at the state level, local level or both."
* Huh. Research suggests children born in May have an increased risk of going on to develop multiple sclerosis.
* Ancient tomb of Iranian 'warrior woman' found. (Courtesy thewronghands.)

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Right, so, RQ's dad is in town, just arrived tonight, and will be here through Friday. (Yes, we sort of knew about it ahead of time, but as of last weekend, it was still up in the air, so to speak.) So, yep, week all full that fast. And of course next weekend is almost sewn up too, etc., etc. Must steal more time.

Currently, I'm scheduled to work Christmas *and* New Year's Day. Let me explain how excited this makes me.

Thrilling Two-Fisted Tales of Commuters Observed:
Oh, this one is easy today. Right after I got on the Orange Line train today, a pack of five or so *young* college students hopped on right before the doors closed, and proceeded to, and I am not making this up, pass out LaRouche literature to anyone who would take it (virtually no one, of course) and sing some Christmas carol, but with the words changed to talk about the failing bank system. At the next stop, they were gone, moved on to the next car up the train. It went by so fast, and was so surreal and annoying, there was actually a moment where I wondered if I imagined the whole thing.

And no, I didn't get in an argument with them, though I wanted to. They were just to, er, energetic and happy. Poor brainwashed students.