December 6th, 2004


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Must read: Frank Rich on 'the Nascar Nightly News - when TV news organizations start repositioning themselves to pander to "moral values" voters, it's a problem for everyone.' (Also contains an interesting commentary on bloggers as journalists.)

The looming showdown over freedom of the press.

Advocacy groups blur the lines of media and agenda.

Administration's Friday surprise: job growth for the past couple months (you know, the ones leading up to the election) was in fact overstated/inflated. Whoops!

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My younger sister is quoted in this article about rescued dogs finding new homes. [Note: her title is, in fact, Professor of Paws.]

Japanese animation hits the mainstream.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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"Jon Stewart's America (The Book), the television commentator's million-selling riff on politics and other matters of satire, has been named Book of the Year by Publishers Weekly, the industry trade magazine.

In announcing the award Monday, Publishers Weekly called the book "a serious critique of the two-party system, the corporations that finance it and the 'spineless cowards in the press' who 'aggressively print allegation and rumor independent of accuracy and fairness."'