December 4th, 2004


(no subject)

We're setting up Vonage on the home phone, but it appears the company might have started the ball rolling before we got the box set up. Thusly, calls are sometimes getting through and sometimes not. Cell phone might be a better pick, if you get some weird answering service.

Drive in was *empty,* so I got to speed most of the way. However, it turns out I was lied to, and the meters still want money on Saturdays. I found what appears to be a legal space I didn't have to pay for, only a few blocks away. I might investigate the university parking in the future as well.

And, despite my remembering last night, I forgot to bring in my lunch this morning. Usually, this wouldn't be a major problem, but the swanky cafeteria downstairs is closed on weekends, and I'm hitting Heroclix after work, so sustenance is a priority. Luckily, the vending machine has provided me with the bounty of frosted cherry Pop-Tarts. Mmmm. I'm feasting like a college student.

Oh, and work is dead. D.e.a.d. And so, so quiet.

* The BBC, uh, discusses how to ease the pain of breaking up with someone.
* The Post gives tips on the fine art of small talk.
* The Science Guy is back!
* Both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis have been renewed already. I wonder if MacGyver will stick around.