November 29th, 2004


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Hastert's Partisan Policy Marginalizes Democrats
House Speaker's "majority of the majority" position aims to run the House of Representatives as a GOP institution.

Post analysis: was November 2nd a realignment, or just a tilt?

Bush's social security plan would require borrowing 'vast' amounts of money.

Fantastic. The focus of the Plame probe targets the press.

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48 Hours confidential on the Black Dahlia case.

The BBC asks, why are we still obsessed with Jack the Ripper?

Artest represents the widening gap between basketball players and fans.

Orange, velvet, daisy - what's behind the names of revolutions?

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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Last night, hung out with totally cool individual met on Metro (Wallaby.) Drinks at Brickskellar, hit a couple other places as well. Much good discussion was had, hoping to repeat it again soon. We have a surprising number of things in common, but more than enough differences to sponsor fascinating conversation. Shiny.

Which reminds me: anyone clubbing this week?

Wednesday: work gets goofy. 7-3:30! (Not including commuting times.) However, I finally have a badge, and badge means logins, so, minor victories. Also, new Lost!

Later tonight: trailers et al.

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Trailers before Alexander:
* The Phantom of the Opera - Yes, another new trailer, and yes, still looks sweet.
* Assault on Precnct 13 - First, I totally need to go back and rewatch the John Carpenter original. Because, second, this trailer was cool. Seriously, I'm excited, and that was even before I saw it had John Leguizamo in it.
* Coach Carter - Well, it's possibly just Lean on Me mixed in with some basketball, but Samuel L. Jackson makes everything better, so we'll see.
* The Interpreter - I'm not saying Sydney Pollack has lost whatever touch he had, but I am saying Scientologists, it's time to stop ruining Nicole Kidman's career. She's suffered enough.
* Ocean's Twelve - Finally, a trailer with actual movie clips. Not that they needed to show anything, ever. I still would have shown up.

Two things I forgot to mention about Alexander:
* Man, the movie might be doing better if it wan't over three hours long. Yeesh.
* I really with I had seen it with a less homophobic audience. Honestly.

Best overheard movie review, spelled phoenetically, while walking through the movieplex:
[Two guys walking out of Saw.]
First guy: Now dat - now dat - now dat was a masterpiece.
Second guy: Ev'rytime you tought you knew who the killer was - turns out it was someone else.