November 27th, 2004


an open letter, that meme, and three questions

Dear WHFS,

If you played good music like this all the time, I would listen to your radio station all the time.

Love, me

necromunda is love
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1.) Ended up having a belated birthday dinner tonight with JubJub at HanaTokyo in Alexandria. Very tasty sushi! Considering going on a quest to find the best sushi in the area, feel free to make suggestions for places I should hit.

2.) However, related to the above: is there anything I can eat or drink to help mitigate the queasy feeling I get in my throat when I have a bit too much MSG?

3.) While I'm asking questions, how do you handwash your leather clothing? Method, I'm thinking here, that doesn't involve outside, since it's cold out there now.

(no subject)

My e-mail's acting funny right now, incidentally. Don't know what's up with it.

Worst part is, waiting for a reply from someone who I don't think reads my LJ. A pain, that.

Anyways. Should be fixed by the time I get home tonight. If it's urgent, call my cell or you can cc me a copy at paul dot jacobus at gmail dot com and I will definitely have it.

(Oh, and sister, I got the book, muchas gracias.)

[UPDATE: Mail seems all better now.]