November 23rd, 2004


five late night news links

David von Drehle writes of fear in the modern world: "Life as the world's lone superpower is beginning to make the Cold War look easy." (Bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)

I'm sorry, this found-at-the-last-minute provision wanted to do what now?

Post editorial on the damage from Gonzales's record.

"Perhaps it is less surprising to see non-Americans wanting to have a say in American elections when you realize that increasing numbers of Americans are having their say in other countries' elections."

Do credit raters wield too much power with too little oversight? (plus bonus graphic.)

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Ding dang. Dan Rather to step down in March.

Oooh. Congress eliminates funding for Bush's new nuclear weapons.

The NPR ombudsman isn't pulling any punches.

Great read: the antiwar movement, and the destruction of Fallujah. "Has there ever before been a war that so many people disapproved of but so few wanted to stop? Have the reasons for starting a war ever been so thoroughly discredited without turning into reasons for ending it?"

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In the past year, 13,000 new ocean species have been identified.

Oliver Stone hired a leading Alexandrian scholar to help out his film.

Fame Audit for Jared Leto.

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I would be remiss if I didn't mention Kara-oke, this Saturday at Oliver's in Laurel. See this post for more details.

No idea if I will be there or not. Or even if I will be in this state or not. Time will tell.