November 22nd, 2004


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Conservative GOP leadership blocks last-minute intelligence compromise, dealing a blow to the administration.

McCain releases documents showing the Boeing/Air Force scandal goes right to the top.

FCC says picking and choosing your cable channels would cost more. Whatever dudes. (Note: McCain shows up here also. Notice a pattern?)

Collapse )'s winter movie guide.

New York TV station drops ads for Kinsey. Freedom is on the march!

Jim Carrey finds a new spiritualism.

Sometimes, it's just relaxing to smash stuff up.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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* Human/animal hybrids slowly and quietly becoming a reality.
* Scientific debate! Will the universe end with the big crunch, or will we be ripped apart by dark energy?
* Administration withdraws the proposal to ban human cloning worldwide, which is good, since the ban wouldn't have passed. Good work!
* NASA launches Swift observatory, which is designed to investigate gamma ray bursts.

exploiting and abusing my stolen access

1.) FDIC has the worst soap I've ever used in a public restroom. It dries my hands to the consistency of looseleaf paper, and they don't even feel clean. I'm not prissy enough to bring in my own soap from home, though.

2.) I am amused to no end by the ashtrays built into the walls next to the elevators. Especially since the (rather attractive and massive) building was built in 1988!

3.) Random City of Heroes question: when is it too late to scrap a build? I've made a couple... poor choices in the early career of some alts (Punch, Assault, etc.) But respec seems so, so far away. What level would you say is too late to start anew?

4.) Bebe is still sick. You can tell the cycle of the medicine, as she goes from normal and playful and chatty to sick and fever-y and listless and sad in a few hours. It's heartbreaking, but I have faith.