November 20th, 2004


Oh good lord

Picked up car once RQ was back from her craft show. Car's working fine! Until I, you know, drive it the five minutes home. By the end of that five minutes, the A/C is already pumping out hot air again (at least all the vents are working this time.) So, turn around, take it back, etc. Work's *not* gonna be happy that I have to leave early *again* on Monday, and that's presuming they're *done* on Monday. If they can't fix it again this time, I'm gonna ask them to just refund all my money except parts so I can take it some place that will fix it correctly, once and for all. It's out of hand.

Oh, and tze bebe's running a fever, in case things werent quite stressful enough. Yeesh.

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Preface to the following post:
Everyone in the house is fine, and the story turns out OK.

So. In wondering how my craptastic week could finish with a bang, I have to confess I didn't ponder a couple hours spent at the hospital.

Bebe was playing all nice today, hitting me with plastic toys, running around, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary. Around 3:30 she starts to nap, which is good with me. Oddly, she doesn't hop right off the couch when her mom gets home. Fast-forward to six-ish, and the fever I mentioned she had earlier hasn't abated, and may have even been worse. Then the throwing up. So, that's about a 3-4 hour turnaround from perfectly healthy bebe with a slight cough to packing a book for the car in case we're at the hospital overnight.

The timeline:
6:15 - get to Laurel Regional Hospital, sign in at the emergency room.
6:35 - in triage, getting basics done.
6:50 - we've got a room, waiting on a doc.
7:05 - we have a doc, who thinks bebe might have a lung infection or something. What have you.
7:30 - some tech starts an "embolizer" (sp?) which is giving bebe vaporized asthma medicine (albutrol) to help her lungs breath better and cut through the congestion.
8:00 - bebe is no longer simply alternating between being totally listless and crying constantly. In fact, she's even asking about things, and playing with my keys.
8:20 - get down to the x-ray tech, and let me tell you how much bebe didn't like *that.*
8:40 - checking out of the hospital.
9:15 - get home from the CVS pharmacy with prescriptions. Bebe has been sleeping in the car for a while, and is right to bed.

So, not how I want to spend my Saturday night. Or, really, any night.