November 19th, 2004


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Tonight's creepy segment from NPR:

Music by the 'Numbers Stations'
"Akin Fernandez's obsession with 'numbers stations' - broadcasts of seemingly random numbers sequences that still remain officially a mystery - led to a CD set compiling off-air recordings. It's become a cult hit. Matt Cowan reports."

Seriously, this will freak you out, and make your world just a little bit weirder.

(Note: even *more* awesome for Lost fans.)

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Heh. So, day care lady is sick, so I'm staying home from work today (since I have no computer, no one around to learn from etc., etc.) So despite not being at work, I'll be upstairs with bebe all day, and thusly not dramatically more time for the interweb. (RQ has a busy day ahead of her, we'll cover that later.)

However, here's some good links; hopefully will find the time (i.e., bebe naptime) for news links later. I know I have been slacking, but it's a long, rough week.

* Disney launches new Muppet material on their new website.
* covers D&D magical artifacts, including a couple favorites.
* D&D for Dummies (courtesy Aztec.)
* Amusing state t-shirts (Courtesy asimplelfe.)

get your war on sneaks in another and another!

mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

House GOP changes its rules to keep DeLay around. L.a.m.e.

Fallujah in pictures. [Note: graphic.] (Courtesy Iceman.)

Post editorial looks at the children left behind by the Bush administration.

As the Republicans solidify their power, they are losing their ethics.

The debt limit rises again, and you'll never guess what's to blame.

Head of the IMF says action is needed to do something about the weakening dollar.

Bob Herbert on Bush and the echo chamber.

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India tries to figure out how to free its highway of monkey marauders.