November 17th, 2004


(no subject)

Today would have been just boring, dull, and pointless. The meet-and-greet after work was lame. The only thing I learned was from the slideshow, when they showed my organization, I found out I was not a NOC team lead, but in fact just a NOCling. Which I am fine with. Interesting way to find out, you know, instead of finding out from my boss or whatever.

Oh, and I figured out today I am spending about $10 a day commuting ($3.85 each way on the Metro, $3.50 parking.) Which is crazy, but, yeah.

However, this afternoon, within an hour, today went from lame to terrible.

1.) I misplaced my SmarTrip card, with about $25. If money wasn't so tight right now this would just be a bitch, but man.

2.) I managed to *lose my cellphone* on the Metro. I had it when I got on, I didn't have it when I got off. asfl;dsjkfdsa

3.) Got into the car for the ride home, turned on the air, and nothing came out of the vents on the driver side. Icing on the cake, on the passenger side, only hot air comes out, even with the A/C on full blast. Meaning... I have to take my car *back* to the car place that fucked it up twice so far, and probably overcharged me.

I'm positively fuming. Seriously.