November 9th, 2004


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Two pics of the Thing from Fantastic Four: one and two.
And a poster for Elektra.
And one Dr. Crane from Batman Begins.
And a pic of Brandon Routh, a.k.a. the new Superman. ("The untitled Superman movie is expected to begin principal photography in Australia early next year for release in summer 2006. It is produced by Jon Peters, Bryan Singer and Gilbert Adler from a screenplay by Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris. No other casting has been announced.")

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Hmmm, general wrapup. Gotten out of the habit on these.

Thursday was karaoke. Friday was movies. Saturday was a sealed Heroclix tournament at Dream Wizards, which I won (!) by actually defeating Goblin in the finals (!!) Surprises all around. This was followed by that awesome party. I got much drunker at the former than the latter, it turns out. Sunday, family dinner for my birthday, Gracie's Fortune in Bowie, fun was had. Dad was impressed by bebe's propensity to not sit for the entire dinner.

Last night, RQ picked out an OnDemand movie, Love, Honour and Obey. Wacky British crime drama with some funny parts. Like the karaoke. And the costumes. Definitely a little weird though, a lot of the scenes were very short and with fade cuts, so it all felt about 45 minutes long. But oh, a delightful cast, including Jude Law and Rhys Ifans. And Sean Pertwee. And Sick Boy. Worth seeing.

Have I mentioned that since I'm out of the office about half the time now (filing!) Chatty Officemate is apparently on the phone most of the time. Talking to family, friends, old coworkers, etc. I know this, of course, because he then explains to me who he just talked to, who they are, how they met, etc. And as an *added* bonus, Chatty Officemate got placed at the same place I did! If they try to put us in a room together (which I doubt) I will ask them not to. I'd rather have a cube, thanks.

And I'm vaguely looking for something to do Thursday night, if anyone's vaguely interested in hanging out. Lemme know.

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* Heh. Guantanamo trials ruled unlawful. That was fast.
* Eric Engberg explains why bloggers aren't journalists.
* Urban warfare in Fallujah presents a tough challenge for the troops.
* Economy forces IT workers to travel to find work, as their unemployment rate tops overall jobless rate.
* CBS special report: sexual harassment of women still pervasive in the workplace.
* ACLU teams up with creationists.
* So, most people in DC don't want a publically-funded stadium. Who knew?
* World Opinion Wrapup shows that most people overseas aren't too confident in Bush's "mandate." (Bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)
* NASA studies autistic savant's brain.
* AOL to be split into four units.
* Moore's Fahrenheit and Gibson's Passion short-sheeted by Golden Globes on technicalities.

And finally...
'Actor Jim Belushi says his next-door neighbor, [former Catwoman] actress Julie Newmar, is spying on him, destroying his property and calling him names behind his back.'

[EDIT: New article added in comments, 2:59 pm EST.]