November 3rd, 2004


work stuff

Writing assignment, completed. Well, my portion is done, at least. High stress, but big fun. Boss was eminently pleased with me, and has already said that if I'm not placed in a month or so, she's gonna give me a call. (There's another funny story that goes in here, but I am saving it for later.)

So, back to purgatory office in the other building. Got here fifteen minutes ago, and a Certain Chatty Officemate has been talking, I'm not joking, almost non-stop since I walked in the door.

(no subject)

* What we're waiting on with the election.
* Tom Shales covers the election night coverage. Heh. And Howard Kurtz notes that all the networks were pretty timid.
* If you like statistics, check out the Post's exit poll data breakdown so you know who to blame.
* Most incumbent governors held on to their seats, while Repbulicans posted minor gains in the House and the Senate. Not enough to make a real difference, though.
* Gay marriage banned in eleven states, and California supports stem cell research.

[UPDATE: New links added in comments, 1:35 pm.]