October 29th, 2004


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I'm planning on hitting the Nation next Thursday for my birthday. If other people showed up, it'd be dandy. I'm also vaguely fishing for a ride, so I can drink like a fish. Only other birthday plans is that housewarming party on Saturday, so consider me an added bonus there. Again this year, I'm not organizing one big huge birthday dinner, will just do a few smaller ones instead. Let me know if you're interested.

Offiially no idea why House of Sand and Fog was so popular with the indy crowd. Really. I mean, there were a couple good parts, but not nearly enough to balance out the rest of the movie. I think people just missed seeing Ben Kingsley. And definitely no impetus to read the book, either.

Also, let me take this time to "thank" Agent Dieter for getting me h00ked on Dr. Mario aallllll over again. Though at least with the SNES emulator he gave me, I can save the game early and often, which is how I am at level 31 already.

Party tomorrow. No costume.

* This year's scariest Halloween costumes (courtesy Operative X.)
* Six offbeat horror flicks for this Halloween.
* E!Online story on Joss Whedon closing Mutant Enemy.
* SomethingAwful.com presents When Bugs Attack.
* Top five feuds in the NFL today.

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* Post gives its endorsements for Congress in Maryland.
* DNA evidence is a great way to solve crimes, but is only half the battle, in most cases.
* Fewer websurfers searching for porn.
* As video games shoot for younger and younger audiences, future implications are curious.
* Hey, that's my company.
* Study finds warming trend in the Arctic linked to emissions.
* Scottish town pardons witches executed over 400 years ago.
* Today's picture. (Courtesy Georgia.)

Sorry for the half-assed job, just, you know, busy like a bug. Since there's clearly not enough to read here, I know you're gonna go surfing for more interesting news. If you find any that I didn't cover last night, leave a link in the comments below! Huzzah! News by the people, for the people, as it were.

(If you post a political poll, though, I will punish you.)