October 26th, 2004


two bits

Received my sample ballot in the mail last week, and man, there were a whole bunch of local propositions and judges and the like that I had no idea about. Did a quick online search for more info, and it turns out the WashingtonPost.com has a large section of local voting guides for Maryland, Virginia, and DC. The election's one week away, so now's a great time to read up on these things.

And while I have your attention, allow me to note:
get your war on has been updated.

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The Washington Post thanks fact-checkers for helping voters in this election.

Jefferson Morley covers how people in foreign countries are scared by the religious fervor of Bush and his followers.

NYTimes editorial on how we can make new enemies overseas.

Dick Meyer talks about the large group of ambivalent voters who don't trust either party.

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Nice. Williams wants a new tax in DC to help pay for the new baseball team.