October 14th, 2004


hahaha awesome

Heard no less than two separate morning shows* on the radio talking about Lost this morning. So excellent.

* - Was flipping channels, because *both* NPRs have today as Pledge Drive day. Ham-tastic.

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I apologize ahead of time, as I will be a Posty Posterson today. Just lots to say! Next up: kara-oke planz.

* Weblog by Jessi Klein: "What is Bush widely grinning about while Kerry is talking? That's completely inappropriate. You shouldn't look like a Cleveland Indians logo when you're in the middle of a presidential debate and people are dying in a war."
* Tom Shales: "Bush Grins but Doesn't Win: Dignified, thoughtful Kerry is in contrast with oddly giggly president."
* BBC analysis saw no winners - including the American people.
* CNN fact check and the Post's better 'facts take a holiday.'
* Post editorial.
* The full transcript.

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Kara-oke this Friday
3340 Ft. Meade Road (that's 198, it's right past the 295 exits)
Laurel, MD

I'll be there around 9. Might try sticking it out downstairs. Upstairs is bigger, but has a bad selection. While downstairs has a damn good selection.

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Grr. Administration refuses to sign UN statement ensuring women's rights.

Despite Court ruling, not one Guantanamo detainee has seen a courtroom yet.

Voting group sues MD to be able to monitor elections.

You know that awful estate tax Bush keeps bringing up? Turns out it only hits about 4% of Americans - the majority of which are the wealthiest taxpayers.

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I was hoping this Post article would feature more of the socially conscious topics that Green Arrow has featured over the years. Or Marvel's foray into the topic. But hey.

A geisha's photo journal.

OMG there's GOTHS in your VERY WORKPLACE. (Courtesy Callico.)