October 11th, 2004


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"Bush like me": Rolling Stone reporter goes undercover in the Republican grass roots campaign.

The Times asks: who is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi?

So, the flu shot shortage *wasn't* a surprise. Huh.

Barry joins the fight against the new stadium, as skeptics question DC baseball.

Oh, Dr. Rice, you card. You don't need to make yourself any more of a target than you already are.

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The Mars rovers are back in action after the winter, and find more evidence of water.

Possible new giant ape found?

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

catching up is hard to do

Busy weekend, but fun.

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Planning for the next couple weekends remains lame. I was hoping to sneak in kara-oke Friday, but forgot that Saturday was the part-ay for Kermit's birthday. Stupid Libras. What I need to obtain is another bebe-sitter, or something.